Palstic Squatting Toilet Stool for Effortless Elimination

Experience smoother bowel movements for both adults and toddlers with our ABS plastic squatting toilet stool. With a height of 7 inches, this stool promotes better posture and more efficient elimination, making it an ideal addition to any bathroom.

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Detail Information

Crafted with a non-slip textured surface, this stool enhances friction to prevent slipping during use. Chamfered corners ensure safety, minimizing the risk of bumps and scratches. Furthermore, non-slip pads on the feet keep the stool securely in place, preventing any sliding or rolling.

Say goodbye to common digestive discomforts like bloating, constipation, and hemorrhoids. By facilitating a natural squatting position, our Squatting Toilet Stool optimizes the elimination process. It helps relax the puborectalis muscle, enabling more complete evacuation.

Using our stool reduces the need for straining, alleviating pressure on the lower digestive tract. This not only promotes healing and prevents hemorrhoids but also reduces the risk of bowel herniation and other related issues.

Experience faster, more comfortable elimination with our Squatting Toilet Stool – your key to a healthier bathroom routine.

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