Bidet Fittings

Besides the bidet itself, we also provide some bidet fittings to better connect bidets with existing facilities and help them perform effectively. The related accessories include hoses, T-adapter and other fittings of various materials and models.

Hoses always take the role of a water supply channel, which is appropriate for toilets, bidet sprayers, water heaters and so on, and features convenient installation and easy replacement. Braided hoses made of stainless steel are corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, environment-friendly and sanitary with a compact structure and bright appearance. Bending the hose reasonably will not affect the water flux. And they are designed to be leak-proof and secure, fully ensuring there is no leakage happening. PU hoses are soft and tough hoses that can be bent at will without deformation. Moreover, they can be easily connected with other hoses and prolonged for a wider range of applications.

T-adapters, a small accessory in the whole decoration project, are inconspicuous but also very important. The quality of the T-adapter must be excellent to prevent leakage or damage. And it serves the functions of limiting water pressure and controlling water flow in the actual application. After installation, problems like excessive water pressure can be dealt with by adjusting the T-adapter, and the hose can be accordingly protected, either.
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