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Experience ultimate comfort with our top-selling toilet stool featuring thick reinforcement and a non-slip design. Its customizable height adjustment and variety of colors cater to your preferences, ensuring the perfect fit for your bathroom.

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Clinically Proven Benefits: This toilet stool promotes a healthier anatomical sitting position, as recommended by medical professionals, at a 35° angle (akin to squatting). It helps align the intestinal tract, relieving pressure typically caused by the puborectalis muscle, leading to faster, more relaxed bowel movements.

Prevention of Intestinal Issues: By alleviating strain on the intestines, this stool helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, and other related conditions. This makes it an affordable and natural alternative to traditional remedies like laxatives and suppositories, while also reducing bloating and gas.

Practical Design: With its compact, rounded shape, this stool fits snugly around any standard toilet. The textured footrest ensures a stable and comfortable squatting position.

Enhanced Safety: Anti-slip rubber coating on the stool's feet provides added stability and security during use.

Supports Detoxification: The toilet stool Doctor aids in detox and purification treatments by facilitating colon cleansing and the removal of harmful substances from the body, promoting better digestion, a balanced intestinal flora, and healthy bowel movements.

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