7 Inch Bathroom Toilet Squatty Potty Stool

At a comfortable height of 7 inches, our stool is designed to accommodate seniors, children, and expectant mothers. Featuring an enhanced grip surface and effortless setup, it ensures convenience and safety for users of all ages and stages in life.

Bidet Fittings
Durable Toilet Stools , Non-toxic Toilet Stools , Portable Toilet Stool

Detail Information

Enhanced Grip Surface

Featuring a textured top surface for increased stability, our stool ensures a secure footing. Whether you prefer to wear shoes or not, it offers dependable support tailored to your comfort.

Optimal Height for Comfort

Set at a comfortable 7 inches, our stool accommodates individuals of all ages and needs, including seniors, children, and expectant mothers, ensuring ease of use for the whole family.

Effortless Setup

No need for tools or complicated installations. Crafted from premium wood, our stool can be easily wiped clean with a cloth or rinsed with water. Its simplicity and durability surpass conventional plastic alternatives.


Who are we?
We specialize in the design and manufacture of Toilet Seats, Bidet Attachments, and Toilet Stools, offering expert OEM/ODM customization services.

How do we ensure quality?
We conduct thorough pre-production sampling and final inspections before shipping to guarantee top-notch quality.

What products do we offer?
Our range includes Bidet Attachments, Bidet Toilet Seats, Handheld Bidets, Toilet Seats, and Portable Bidets.

Why choose us over other suppliers?
With a robust technological foundation and extensive R&D capabilities, we hold over 40 patents and is recognized as a "High-Technology Enterprise" by the government. Our stringent quality control measures, from raw materials to final delivery, result in a remarkable product yield rate of 99.8%.

What services do we provide?
We offer flexible delivery terms (FOB, EXW, DDP, DDU, Express Delivery) and accept payments in USD or CNY via various methods (T/T, MoneyGram, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash). Our team is proficient in English and Chinese to ensure seamless communication.

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