ABS Plastic Bathroom Toilet Stool for Kids

Elevate your bathroom experience with our versatile range of ABS plastic toilet stools, designed to cater to the needs of various age groups, from toddlers to adults.

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ABS Toilet Stool , PP Toilet Stools , Non-slip Toilet Stool

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Our Bathroom Step Stools include squat stools for adults, and toddlers, and bamboo options, all designed to enhance your bathroom experience.


1. Easy to Clean: Simply wipe with a cloth or rinse with water for effortless maintenance.

2. Non-Slip Surface: Our rubber footrest boasts a tough grip surface, ensuring stability and control during use.

3. Durable Construction: Crafted from heavy-duty ABS plastic, our toilet stools offer long-lasting strength and reliability.

4. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with any toilet for added convenience.


1. Reduce constipation, hemorrhoids, straining, and bloating by facilitating smoother bowel movements.

2. Scientifically proven: Modern toilets can cause internal blockages, but our toilet stools offer a solution backed by medical experts like Roger Siddoway, MD, FACG, and supported by medical journals and clinical studies worldwide.

3. Ergonomic Design: The subtle slope from back to front raises the user's heels, providing the optimal squatting angle.

4. Double No-Slip Design: Equipped with grips on feet and a textured surface for stability and comfort, ensuring safety for children and the elderly.

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