ABS Plastic Toilet Step Stool

Elevate your comfort with our premium and long-lasting ABS plastic toilet step stool. This 7-inch stool conveniently folds to a mere 3 inches thick, featuring non-slip grips on its feet for added stability.

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Still grappling with constipation? Elevate your comfort with our toilet footstool and pave the way for a happier life!

Backed by Science & Designed for Comfort. Medical experts recommend a 35-degree angle for optimal toilet usage, necessitating a tool to achieve the ideal squatting position for smoother, healthier bowel movements.

Our 7-inch toilet step stool conveniently folds to a mere 3 inches thick, maximizing space efficiency. Its compact design ensures easy storage beside your toilet, making it the perfect travel companion for maintaining a superior bathroom experience wherever you go.

Enhanced Stability, Enhanced Comfort. Featuring non-slip grips on its feet and a textured surface for added stability and comfort, our stool boasts a curved design that accommodates most toilets with ease.

Built to Last. Yes, you heard it right. Our stool is engineered to endure for up to 10 years. Crafted from robust PP material, it's odorless, non-toxic, and among the sturdiest options available.

The Squatting Toilet Stool facilitates quicker and more thorough elimination by positioning your body naturally for optimal squatting over your toilet. This encourages a smoother transition from a continent to an elimination mode, accelerating the elimination process and reducing the risk of toxic fecal buildup in your colon. By minimizing straining, it aids in the prevention and healing of hemorrhoids, reduces pressure, and mitigates the risk of bowel herniation and other lower digestive tract issues.

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