Bidet Attachments

Bidet attachments are practical and multi-mode products with a self-cleaning function. They are usually installed between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl, and are suitable for most types of toilets on the market. The traditional toilets don't have the function of washing and cleaning, while bidet attachments can deal with the problem of sole function perfectly. Installing the bidet attachment doesn't involve the replacement of the whole toilet, or it would not occupy a large space in the bathroom. If we want to wash our bodies in time after using the toilet and hope the price of the product is within the affordable range, the bidet attachment is the best choice.

The installation and disassembly of the product are not as complicated as imagined, and even the user himself can complete them quickly. Bidet attachments are non-electric, with the side being ultra-slim and the nozzle being down. During the operation, water will be squirted from the nozzle by the water pressure to achieve the effect of cleaning, which effectively solves the problem that the toilet seat might be tilted after installation and will not affect the normal use of the toilet. Also, bidet attachments with diverse shapes and orientations can meet the special requirements of left-handed and right-handed people.

The nozzle of the bidet attachment is retractable, with its position and length being easy to adjust. And the product is generally designed with a single nozzle or double nozzles, which is very convenient for women in the menstrual period, pregnant women, children, elder people and hemorrhoid patients. The problems like cross-infection, incomplete cleaning and bad smell, which may be caused by the use of toilet paper, can be alleviated easily. Moreover, the water temperature and water pressure can be changed through the control panel which is easy to operate with buttons and knobs. Some bidet attachments are even equipped with LED lights so that customers can enjoy a safer experience at night.
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