Bidet Sprayers

Bidet sprayers are a kind of handheld bidet, also known as "bum gun" and "shattaf". They are designed in such a way that models the water flow as a water cannon to flush the hard-to-clean place powerfully. Intensive small holes and press-type switches are adopted on the products. And the water flow, controlled by the level of force, can be discharged by pressing the switch slightly and turned off by releasing, which is very convenient to use.

Bidet sprayers can be installed directly before or after people fix up the bathroom, which is simple and doesn't need nails or other tools. They are commonly set at the angle valve of the toilet, and it is all right to choose a T-adapter to connect the toilet tank, water supply line and bidet hose respectively without changing the water pipe and affecting the normal use of the toilet. Compared with bidet seats, bidet sprayers are more economical and more suitable for beginners who want to experience the bidet. And a stainless steel hose is usually equipped with this product. It can be freely deformed and bent, and is well resistant to high temperature and corrosion, with its appearance keeping bright after long-term use.

In addition to being applied as a bidet, the sprayer can also be used for cleaning the bathroom, like clearing up the stubborn stains in the toilet, the floor, the glass of the shower room and the bathtub. It's all acceptable to take large toys, children's clothes, diapers, carpets, doormats to the bathroom and clean them with our bidet sprayers. In conclusion, bidet sprayers are able to easily clear all kinds of family environments and are suitable for different installation scenarios. They are practical and good assistants that can excellently protect our health and safety.
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