Bidet Seats

Bidet seats are one of the desirable sanitary products nowadays. Originated in the United States, and introduced and improved by Japan, they have been applied in many Japanese and Korean families. The bidet toilet seat can directly replace the original seat and be placed above the toilet bowl. And in general, there are two types of bidet seats that are electric and non-electric. If you want to choose the former, please make sure a suitable power supply is provided around the toilet before installation. What's more, to cater to the needs of different shapes of toilets, round and elongated bidet seats are also available.

Our bidet seats are commonly designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and simple household style. Made of ABS and PP plastic materials, they have good performance in impact resistance, abrasion resistance and gloss. The layout of the control panel is clear, and both knob control and button control are easy to understand, which provides great convenience for users. In addition, different nozzles can be used to clean different parts of our bodies, with the impact force of water flow being also adjusted accordingly. And with the development of bidet seats, their functions are constantly enriched, including warm water cleaning, seat heating, drying and sterilization.

Most customers generally place more weight on the cleaning function like front & rear bum washes which can supply comfortable skin feeling, and prevent and alleviate some hip diseases. The warm water jet from the bidet seat is able to help eliminate fatigue, improve blood circulation and avoid the irritation of rough toilet paper. Moreover, the nozzle with a self-cleaning function is capable of preventing bacterial infection to a certain extent and protecting personal hygiene.
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