Toilet Seat Covers

As an important part of the toilet, the toilet seat cover has direct contact with our bodies, and its appearance and function will immediately affect our experience. Considering that toilets are mainly in an environment with relatively high humidity and bacteria, we put great value on the quality and performance of the toilet lid cover when designing and manufacturing, so as to achieve the unity of beauty and comfort.

Toilet seat covers are usually made of UF (urea-formaldehyde), PP (polypropylene), acrylic, etc. These materials have their own advantages in performance and are all nice picks. For example, UF is stable in color, durable and smooth. PP plastic is affordable and more resistant to high temperature and corrosion. And acrylic can withstand acid and moisture and are easy to clean.

Our toilet seat covers also have the capability of slow closing so that the lid cover will be softly and quietly closed by a little push, realizing the effect of noise reduction when opening and closing and helping to prolong the service life of the toilet. At the same time, the toilet lid cover is in a quick-release design. The area behind the cover is often difficult to clean. Hence, from the perspective of actual requirements, this special design is convenient for installation and disassembly and satisfies the need for easy cleaning in people's daily life.
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