Portable Bidets

Portable bidets have the advantages of compact structure, small size and easy carrying, which are convenient for users to clean themselves in time when they go out, travel, or go to the toilet where there is no bidet for cleaning, so as to keep the body clean and comfortable. They introduce a brand-new concept of water washing and help users part from the habit of wiping with the paper towel, making the skin more sanitary and healthy.

Users need to fill the bottle with clean water before using this product. For the non-electric portable bidets, the bottle needs to be squeezed, and water will be sprayed out from the elongated nozzle. Some portable bidets are electric so that you can enjoy the cleanliness by pressing the button when operating. The intensity and amount of water can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements, with the water being mild and delicate. Portable bidets are able to give you great pleasure in cleaning, and they will not bring a friction burden on the skin, offering special care to sensitive parts. We also provide customers with portable bidets of different capacities to meet all kinds of needs.

Portable bidets usually play the role of temporary bidets. They don't take up too much room when carried around in bags, and the price advantage is also very obvious. In the company of portable bidets, we can wash and clean at any time, solving the trouble of going to the toilet and going out. They are also ideal for people who used to use the washing basin or go through a poor experience in cleaning which may lead to secondary pollution.
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