Ultra-thin Non-Electric Bidet Attachment

Experience the convenience of a bidet without the need for electricity with our ultra-thin design, measuring just 0.19 inches. Our sleek and sturdy build ensures durability and style in your bathroom routine. Upgrade to effortless cleanliness today!

Bidet Attachments
Ultra-thin Bidet Attachment , Non-electric Bidet Attachments , Slim Bidet Attachments

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Sleek and Sturdy Build

Our ultra-thin design, measuring just 0.19 inches, ensures stability and a discreet installation on your toilet. With a robust load-bearing capacity of up to 550 lbs, this bidet attachment is built to last.

Customizable Water Pressure

Easily adjust the spray intensity to your preference with the portable knobs on the sleek black control panel. Whether you prefer a gentle cleanse or a more vigorous spray, simply turn the knob to customize your wash experience. After use, turning off the water pressure knob helps prolong the bidet's lifespan.

Affordable Luxury

Upgrade your bathroom with our budget-friendly bidet attachment without compromising on quality. Featuring high-quality components and a stylish design, it adds a touch of sophistication to any restroom.

Dual Nozzle System

Our bidet attachment is equipped with dual nozzles, offering separate spray modes for front and rear cleansing. The upgraded button design makes switching between patterns effortless, providing enhanced convenience for users.

Simple Installation

Setting up our bidet attachment is a breeze with the included premium components and clear instructions. The leak-proof Teflon tape ensures a tight seal, while the stainless steel braided hose adds durability and prevents leaks. No need for a plumber or specialized tools – it easily fits most standard two-piece toilets, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

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