Easy-to-Clean Bidet Attachment

Our bidet attachment provides a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper, eliminating the need for electricity. Upgrade your bathroom experience with this efficient solution for cleanliness and sustainability.

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Detail Information

No Electricity Required
Featuring adjustable cold water, it reduces friction and provides gentle cleansing, promoting a milder and more hygienic experience. This non-electric design not only protects delicate skin but also saves on electricity bills, making it ideal for individuals of all ages, including men, women, and new mothers.

Dual Spray Nozzles
Equipped with dual nozzles, our bidet attachment offers two spray modes: front cleaning for women and rear cleaning for both men and women. Upgraded from a knob switch to a button design, it allows for easier switching between patterns.

Easy Installation
Our bidet attachment includes all necessary premium components and installation instructions. With leak-proof Teflon tape and a durable stainless steel braided hose, installation is hassle-free and ensures longevity. No plumber or special tools are required, as it easily installs on most standard two-piece toilets, making it perfect for most DIY enthusiasts.

Installation Steps:

Step 1:

Turn off the water supply valve on the wall and drain all water from the toilet tank.
Align the bidet's adjustable plate holes with the toilet seat holes and securely screw the toilet seat back onto the toilet.

Step 2:

Inspect the unit, accessories, and their parts, ensuring the T-Adapter has the black rubber washer properly placed.

Step 3:

Test fit all connecting parts to ensure proper alignment.
Optionally, apply thread seal tape to the bidet water inlet and T-Adapter threads.
Hand-tighten the T-Adapter onto the toilet tank water inlet.
Connect the metal braided hose to the T-Adapter's other end and hand-tighten.
Connect the existing water supply flexible hose to the remaining end of the T-Adapter and hand-tighten.

Step 4:

Attach one end of the flexible braided metal hose to the bidet's water inlet and hand-tighten. Open the water supply valve. Check all connections for leaks and tighten as necessary until leaks stop.

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