ABS Plastic Double Nozzles Bidet Attachment

Double Nozzles Bidet Attachment Supplier: ABS Plastic Bidet Attachments, Double Nozzles, Non-electric, Cold Water, 5mm Thickness, Plastic or Metal Valve.

Bidet Attachments
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Detail Information

ABS Plastic Double Nozzles Bidet Attachment

1. Non-electric bidet attachment
2. Transparent knob
3. Easy to install & detach
3. White water droplet-shaped handle
4. Double nozzles
5. Cold-water connection
6. Water pressure control
7. Reduce toilet paper consumption
8. Plastic valve
9. Color: White color body
10. Material: ABS plastic bidet, plastic or metal T-adaptor, plastic tube with plastic nut
11. Thickness: 5mm

1. Excellent way to help relieve and reduce any hemorrhoids issues
2. For all adults, children, and seniors
3. Rear cleaning with self-cleaning nozzles
4. Perfect daily hygiene
5. Quick and simple installation
6. Installation hardware included
7. Ambient water temperature spray
8. Non-electric for safety & wiring required to enable simple installation
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