Non-electric Bidet Attachment for Toilets

Our bidet offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative, crafted from resilient ABS material. Featuring a portable control panel, it provides convenient access and efficient operation for all your hygiene needs.

Bidet Attachments
Non-electric Bidet Attachments , ABS Bidet Attachment , Durable Bidet Attachment

Detail Information

STYLISH AND STURDY: Enhance both the form and function of your bathroom with the latest bidet attachment from Bio Bidet. This modern and durable design showcases a 50% slimmer build compared to competing models.

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: The ergonomically angled control panel is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with your bathroom decor while providing optimal comfort. Simply adjust the ergonomically crafted control knob to achieve your preferred spray.

VERSATILE SPRAY OPTIONS: Enjoy unparalleled cleanliness with customizable spray patterns tailored for both genders. Effortlessly adjust the bidet spray intensity using the responsive water pressure controls.

ROBUST BUILD: Engineered for hassle-free DIY installation, this bidet attachment features a sturdy brass valve and inlet, coupled with a braided metal water supply hose for enduring reliability.

Why choose the bidet attachment?

Instead of investing in expensive toilet paper that harms the environment and risks clogging your septic system, leading to costly repairs, our bidet offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution!

Crafted from resilient ABS material, with a portable control panel, and equipped with high-pressure faucet-grade valves, a brass T-adapter, and a braided steel cold water hose, our bidet attachment provides exceptional value and longevity.

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