Ultra Slim Non-electric Toilet Bidet Attachments

We Provide Ultra Slim Non-electric Toilet Bidet Attachment, Ultra Slim Bidet Toilet Attachments with Big knob, Dual Nozzle, and Simple Knob Control Switch.

Bidet Attachments
Slim Bidet Attachments , Ultra-slim Bidets , Non-electric Bidet Attachments

Detail Information

Bidet attachment for toilet with luxury big knob

1. Simple knob control switch design
2. Ultra slim dual nozzle bidet sprayer
3. Easy and quick installation in minutes
4. Non-electricity or batteries needed
5. Tailored Control Knob-Turn OFF
6. Easy to install with needed accessories included
7. Constructed with a nozzle adjuster and pressure control knob
8. Self-cleaning nozzle spray angle and water pressure to your desired intensity
9. Adjustable angle
10. Accessories included: 1x Bidet, 1x Hose, 1x T-adapter, 1x T-adapter Rubber Seals, 1x User Manual
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