Rear Washing Bidet Toilet Seat Cover

We Provide Rear Washing Bidet Toilet Seat Covers, Feminine Washing Bidet Toilet Seat Covers, Dual Nozzles, Self Cleaning, Heated seats, and Quick Release.

Toilet Seat Covers
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Detail Information

Slow close bidet toilet seat cover

1. Dual Nozzles
2. Feminine Washing
3. Rear Washing
4. Self Cleaning
5. Dual nozzles, self-rinsing nozzles
6. Room-temperature water
7. Adjustable water pressure
8. Soft-close lid and can hold up to a heavyweight
9. Feminine washing
10. Different spray pattern options
11. Rear washing
12. Self-cleaning, more sanitary bidet
13. Electric bidet toilet seat
14. Heated seat bidet
15. Quick-release toilet seat bidet
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