Slow-Close Bidet Toilet Seat Cover

Experience effortless installation with our slow-close bidet toilet seat cover, seamlessly blending sophistication with its soft curves in your bathroom space. Upgrade your bathroom with ease and elegance today.

Toilet Seat Covers
Slow-close Toilet Covers , Silent-close Toilet Covers , Silent Toilet Seat Covers

Detail Information

Equipped with dual, self-rinsing nozzles that emit room-temperature water, this seat offers unparalleled comfort and cleanliness. Adjust water pressure and positioning seamlessly with the dial conveniently located on the seat's side, ensuring a personalized experience every time. Say goodbye to traditional paper methods as water provides a thorough clean that surpasses all else.

Key Features:

Dual Nozzles:
Featuring two retractable nozzles that deliver an aerated spray of ambient-temperature water post-use.

Soft Close:
The seat's lid closes softly, capable of withstanding heavy weight without any compromise in functionality, allowing you to comfortably sit and relax.

Feminine Washing:
Designed with an angled nozzle specifically for feminine cleansing, offering a selection of spray patterns to cater to individual preferences.

Rear Washing:
Crafted with a specially angled nozzle for rear cleansing, presenting various spray patterns for an optimal and comfortable experience.

Experience ultimate hygiene with the self-cleaning function, where the nozzle is automatically cleaned after each use by the water, eliminating the need for manual cleaning.
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