One-button Quick-release Toilet Cover, Electric, Cold Water

We Provide One-button Quick-release Toilet Covers, Quick-release D-shaped Toilet Covers, Dual Nozzles, and Electric, Feminine Wash, and Urea-formaldehyde Material.

Toilet Seat Covers
Quick-release Bidet Attachments , Electric Toilet Seat Covers , Cold Water Bidets

Detail Information

One-button quick-release toilet cover


1. D-shaped toilet seat bidet
2. Electric Bidet toilet seat
3. Dual nozzles
4. Feminine wash
5. Heated Bidet toilet seat
6. Newly incorporated light indicator for night use without the light
7. Powered by an electrical plug
8. Ordinary toilet cover design
9. Flushing and circuit are integrated in the cover
10. More simple and high-end
11. More comfortable sitting
12. Three-stage temperature: 36℃, 38℃, 40℃, can be adjusted, closed at any time
13. High-quality urea-formaldehyde material
14. High-temperature resistance
15. Simple-cleaning ceramic texture
16. The cover can bear 175kgs and is durable
17. The cover is quiet and slows down, more secure and longer life
18. Engineered for luxury
19. With front and rear warm water cleansing
20. Anti-bacterial material with a wide clean function
21. Cycles front and rear streams for unparalleled cleaning
22. One-button Release Bidet Attachment
23. Spray Wash Toilet Bidet
24. Cold Water 
25. LED Night Light 
26. Manual Bidet Seat
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