One-touch Release Toilet Cover

Experience ultimate comfort and cleanliness with our D-shaped Bidet Toilet Seat, equipped with electric functionality and essential accessories. Featuring dual nozzles for versatile cleansing, including a specialized feminine wash option, this bidet seat elevates your bathroom experience to new levels of hygiene and convenience.

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D-shaped Toilet Cover , Dual Nozzle Toilet Cover , Electric Toilet Cover

Detail Information

The seat also boasts a heating function for added comfort.

Enhanced with a newly added light indicator for effortless night-time use. With a simple button press, illuminate the bidet without straining your eyes, ensuring convenient nocturnal use. Powered by an electrical plug.

Designed with integrated flushing and circuitry, the toilet cover exudes simplicity and sophistication. Its stable construction ensures the back cover remains level, offering enhanced comfort during use.

The seat maintains a constant temperature, with adjustable settings including three stages (36℃/38℃/40℃), allowing for personalized comfort. It can be easily closed at any time for convenience.

Crafted from high-quality urea-formaldehyde material, the seat boasts exceptional durability, scratch resistance, and resistance to yellowing and high temperatures. Its ceramic-like texture facilitates effortless cleaning.

Capable of bearing up to 175kg, the cover is built to last and withstand regular use with ease.

The cover operates quietly and features a slow-close mechanism, enhancing safety and longevity.

Manufacturer's Description:
Engineered for luxury, the F001-B2 offers a comprehensive range of features. With front and rear warm water cleansing, anti-bacterial materials, and a wide clean function, it provides unmatched cleanliness with cycles for both front and rear streams.

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