Soft Close Heated Toilet Bidet Seat With Cover

We Provide Soft Close Heated Toilet Bidet Seats, Soft Close Heated Toilet Bidet Seats With Cover, Electric, Elongated, Cold & Warm Water, and LED Night Light.

Bidet Seats
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Detail Information

Electric Toilet Bidet Seat Soft Close Heated Toilet Lid With Cover


1. Heated bidet toilet seat
2. Electric bidet toilet seat
3. Elongated Bidet attachment for toilet
4. Cold & Warm Water 
5. LED Night Light 
6. Manual Bidet Seat
7. Luxe Toilet Seat Bidet
8. Dual Nozzle Design for Front and Back Cleansing
9. Adjustable Water Pressure Controls
10. Gentle on all skin
11. Easy Installation in 15 minutes, No Plumber or Electricity Required
12. Can Reduce Toilet Paper Use
13. Self Cleansing Nozzles
14. The intimate night light function (both the flushing function knob and the nozzle) 15. Three-speed temperature (36°C/38°C/40°C) can be adjusted or closed at any time
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