ABS Button Control Dual Nozzles Toilet Bidet

ABS Button Control Dual Nozzles Toilet Bidet Factory: ABS Toilet Bidets with Nozzle Self-cleaning Sprayer, Wall Mounted Installation, Horizontal Spray.

Toilet Bidets
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Detail Information

Button Control Dual Nozzles Toilet Bidet

Name: Bidet Toilet
Tap hole: 5 Holes
Faucet Tapping: 7 Holes
Material: ABS
Type: Cold Bidet
Design Style: Modern simple
Installation Type: Wall Mounted
Spray Type: Horizontal
Usage: Keeping Body Clean
Color: Black color for the panel, white color for the bidet body
Certificate: CE, RoHS
Application: Apartment
Components: Acrylic Panel, Nozzle Self-cleaning Sprayer, Dual Nozzles Toilet Bidet
Project Solution Capability: graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects
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