Non-Slip Toilet Potty Step Stool for Adults, Kids

Elevate your bathroom experience with our Non-Slip Toilet Potty Step Stool, perfect for both adults and kids. Crafted from high-quality plastic, its modern sleek design blends seamlessly with any decor. With an optimal height of 7 inches, it provides the perfect boost for easy access to the toilet. Say goodbye to slipping accidents with our reliable and stylish step stool.

Bidet Fittings
Non-slip Toilet Stool , Plastic Toilet Stool

Detail Information

Squatting Toilet Stool with a Non-Slip Mat for Adults and Children

Crafted from High-Quality Plastic

Our bathroom toilet stool is meticulously crafted from premium plastic material, prioritizing safety and durability. Unlike ordinary plastic stools, it offers exceptional stability, ensuring the safety of your family. Its waterproof properties facilitate easy cleaning with a simple wipe or rinse, making maintenance hassle-free.

Ideal for Every Household

Simple and comfortable to use, this toilet stool encourages a natural defecation posture by elevating your feet. By relaxing the puborectalis muscle, it facilitates quick and thorough emptying of the colon, effectively alleviating issues like constipation, hemorrhoids, and bloating.

Optimal 7-Inch Size

With a height of 7 inches, our toilet stool caters to the needs of individuals across various age groups, including the elderly, children, and pregnant women, as well as toilets of different heights. Its universal design ensures maximum comfort for users of all ages.

Enhanced Safety Features

Featuring non-slip mats and grooves, our toilet stool prioritizes safety and comfort during use, making it suitable for both the elderly and children.

About Us

We specialize in the research, development, production, and sales of bidets, toilet seats, sprayers, travel bidets, and related bathroom sanitary products, we are committed to addressing public health concerns.

Guided by the principles of environmental protection, energy conservation, technology, and innovation, we have garnered over 40 patents and earned recognition as a "High-Technology Enterprise" by the government. Our dedication to innovation and product quality is evident in our stringent quality control measures, ensuring a product yield rate of 99.8%.

As a customer-centric company, we prioritize market orientation, innovation, and quality to deliver honest, high-quality, and efficient services. We aspire to be your trusted long-term partner, and we warmly invite you to visit us!

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