9 Inch PP Toilet Assistance Step Stool

Crafted from high-grade PP plastic with a reinforced design, our adult squatting toilet stool is capable of supporting weights of up to 240kg. Experience durability and stability in your bathroom with this reliable accessory.

Bidet Fittings
PP Toilet Stools , Durable Toilet Stools , Anti-Slip Toilet Stool

Detail Information

Product Features:

Recommended by experts in anorectal health to alleviate intestinal pressure and bloating, and to reduce constipation and hemorrhoids.
Crafted from high-grade plastic with a reinforced design, capable of supporting up to 240kg weight. Equipped with non-slip pads on the base to prevent slipping and tipping, providing secure footing.
Sleek and modern design, with detachable components for easy storage and cleaning.
Dimensions: 437 x 219 x 187mm, perfectly tailored to fit toilet heights.

Enhanced Load-Bearing Capacity:
Constructed from thickened PP material for added strength and durability.

Easy Maintenance:
Features a clean and hygienic white design with a trendy cartoon kitten motif, making it effortless to wipe clean.

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