Adjustable Bathroom Toilet Stool for Adults, Children, Elderly

Enhance your bathroom experience with our Adjustable Bathroom Toilet Stool. Designed for optimal posture, it features non-slip rubber grips and is crafted with rounded edges and smooth angles for safety. Upgrade your comfort and wellness today!

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Durable Toilet Stools , Anti-Slip Toilet Stool , Non-slip Toilet Stool

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Revolutionize Your Bathroom Experience with our Squatting Toilet Stool

Maximize Space——Simply tuck the squatting toilet stool beneath your toilet when not in use.

Optimal Posture——Adjust the stool to your preferred distance from the toilet, and elevate your feet for a natural squatting position.

Effortless Elimination——Gently lean forward to ease your abdomen towards your thighs, facilitating a swift and comfortable defecation process.

Safety First——Crafted with rounded edges and smooth angles to ensure safety and prevent any risk of skin irritation or scratches.

Secure Stability——Featuring non-slip rubber grips on the feet to prevent slipping and safeguard your floors.

About Us

We Specialize in the research, development, production, and distribution of bidets, toilet seats, sprayers, travel bidets, and other bathroom sanitary products.

Committed to environmental protection, energy efficiency, and technological innovation, we strive to address public health concerns. With a robust technology and R&D team, we have secured over 40 patents and earned recognition as a "High-Technology Enterprise" by the government. Our dedication to innovation and quality is reflected in our stringent quality control measures, from raw materials to product shipment, ensuring a 99.8% yield rate and earning us ISO 9001 certification in 2021.

Driven by a customer-centric approach, we prioritize innovation and quality to deliver honest, high-quality, and efficient services. We welcome you to experience the difference with us!

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