Ergonomic Modern Toilet Stool, Strong Bearing Capacity

We Provide Ergonomic Modern Toilet Stools, Scientific & Ergonomic Modern Toilet Stools for Easy Bowel Movements, Double No-slip Design, and Curved Design.

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Modern toilet stool for easy bowel movements


1. Toilet stool for toddlers, adults, pooping, constipation, easy bowel movements, toddlers, and for hemorrhoids
2. Scientific & Ergonomic: 35 degrees is the most scientific way to use the toilet
3. Optimal squatting position for easier, healthier bowel movements
4. Double No-slip Design
5. Equipped with grips on feet and textured grip on the surface for stability and comfort
6. Curved design fits almost all the toilet
7. Equipped with a replaceable spice box to help keep fresh air
8. Last for 10 years, made of strong PP material, odorless and non-toxic, one of the most durable materials on the market
9. Strong Bearing Capacity: the toilet step is more firm and stable, and is able to bear the weight of 200lb. 
10. Trampled at random, the stool will not move a little
11. Taking your body from a continent mode to an elimination mode
12. Speed up the elimination process, therefore, reducing the risk of toxic build-up of fecal matter left in your colon
13. Reduce straining and decreases the pressure: The reduction of straining will help to heal and prevent hemorrhoids
14. Reduce the risk of bowel herniation and other damage to the lower digestive tract
15. Squatty potty toilet stool

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