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Discover unparalleled durability and resilience with our Non-Electric Dual Bidet Attachment. Engineered to withstand wear, tear, and leaks, this innovative attachment features dual nozzles with two distinct spray modes, delivering maximum hygiene for your comfort and well-being.

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Premium Bidet Attachment for Toilet - Crafted from eco-friendly ABS material, featuring a stainless steel T-valve, and a durable braided steel cold water hose, our bidet attachment boasts exceptional durability, resilience against wear and tear, and resistance to leaks.

Dual Nozzles for Enhanced Hygiene - The Livilord non-electric bidet showcases dual nozzles with two distinct spray modes, ideal for both posterior and anterior cleansing. Offering a more sanitary and gentle alternative to traditional toilet paper, it ensures optimal personal hygiene for individuals of all ages.

Maximum Hygiene Assurance - After each use, the retractable nozzle automatically withdraws behind a protective door, ensuring maximum hygiene. Its self-cleaning mechanism provides an additional layer of cleanliness, facilitating easy maintenance and offering peace of mind.

Customizable Water Pressure - Our bidet attachment features a user-friendly control knob for adjusting water pressure to your preference. Its ergonomic design caters to users of all ages, including seniors and children, ensuring convenience and comfort.

Effortless Installation - With straightforward installation instructions, our bidet attachment can be easily installed within minutes, requiring no professional assistance or specialized tools. Compatible with most toilet models, it's a seamless addition to any bathroom setup.

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