Ultra-thin Intelligent Bidet Attachment

Ultra-thin Intelligent Bidet Attachment Provider: Non-electric Adjustable Bidet Attachments, Dual Nozzles, Hot and Cold Water, Easy Installation.

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Ultra-thin Intelligent Bidet Attachment, Non-electric, Adjustable, Hot and Cold Water

Switch knob: Any crowd can use it to achieve the most ideal condition
Ultra-thin design: With an ultra-thin body, only 0.19 feet, 50% thinner than other competing products
Dual nozzles: Bidet attachment features dual nozzles for two spray modes
Hot and cold water models: Both hot and cold water can be used to achieve the most ideal condition
Installation: No need to call a plumber, easy to install in 10 minutes

Installation Instructions
Shut off the water supply valve on the wall.
Then drain all the water in the toilet tank.
Place bidet on the toilet and align the bidet's adjustable plate holes to the toilet seat holes and screw the toilet seat back on the toilet.
Inspect unit, accessories and their parts.
Make sure T-Adapter has the black rubber washer (The black rubber washer must be placed on the T-Adapter adapter as shown in the figure).
Connect the T-Adapter to the toilet tank water inlet.
Hand tightens.
Connect the other end of the metal braided metal hose to the T-Adapter.
Hand tightens.
Connect the existing water supply flexible hose to the other end of the T-Adapter. 
Hand tightens.
Connect one end of the flexible braided metal hose to the water inlet of the bidet. 
Hand tightens.
Open the water supply valve.
Check connections for water leaks.
Tighten connections where there is a leak until the leak stops.
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