Non-electric Ultra Thin Bidet Attachment, Easy Installation

We Provide Non-electric Ultra Thin Bidet Attachments, Non-electric Ultra Thin Bidet Attachments, Only 0.19 Inch, Durable, Dual Spray Nozzles.

Bidet Attachments
Non-electric Bidet Attachments , Ultra-thin Bidet Attachment , Ultra-slim Bidets

Detail Information

Non-electric Bidet Attachment 

1. For toilet
2. Dual Spray Nozzles for two spray modes: front cleaning for women's private, rear cleaning for men & women
3. Non-electric
4. Easy installation
5. Ultra Thin & Durable Design: only 0.19 inch 
6. Good load-bearing capacity, max load 550 lbs.
7. Adjustable Water-pressure Knob: Portable knobs on the classic black control panel
8. Low Price And High Quality
9. Upgrades knob switch to button design for easier to switch between patterns
10. Leak-proof Teflon tape
11. Stainless steel braided hose
12. Better prevent leakage and durable
13. No plumber and special tools are required
14. Easily installs on most standard two-piece toilets without worrying about mismatches, perfect for most DIYers
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