Dual Spraying Bidet Attachment, Both Cold and Hot Water

Experience the ultimate in bidet attachments with our innovative solution, offering both cold and hot water options. Sleek and space-saving design meets enhanced durability and a sanitary nozzle guard gate for optimal cleanliness. Discover a new level of comfort and hygiene in your bathroom routine.

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Detail Information

Sleek and Space-Saving
Our bidet attachment for toilets boasts a slim profile, measuring just a quarter-inch thick! Say goodbye to worries about running out of toilet paper with this convenient bidet solution. Its innovative design ensures stability, keeps the toilet seat level, and seamlessly integrates with standard toilets for enhanced comfort.

Enhanced Durability
Unlike other bidet attachments featuring plastic inlets that wear out easily over time and are prone to leaks, our bidet water spray is built to last. It features a high-quality brass inlet, guaranteeing durability and a secure, leak-free connection between the bidet and the hose.

Dual Spraying Modes
Equipped with two nozzles, our bidet attachment offers versatile cleansing with a refreshing stream of clean water suitable for both men and women. Bidets provide a gentler and more hygienic alternative to traditional toilet paper.

Sanitary Nozzle Guard Gate
Our bidet attachment comes with a nozzle guard gate that shields the nozzle for the utmost sanitary experience. After each use, the nozzle automatically retracts behind the guard gate, ensuring it stays protected until the next use.

Why Choose Us?
Our bidet attachment features knobs and keys for adjusting water pressure, making it not only a comfortable experience but also an ideal addition for individuals with mobility restrictions. Simply select your preferred water pressure and cleaning mode for a personalized cleansing experience.

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