Bidet Attachment with Left Hand Control

Enhance your bathroom experience with our Bidet Attachment featuring left-hand control for effortless operation. Equipped with self-cleaning dual nozzles, it ensures comprehensive cleansing while offering customizable water pressure for personalized comfort. Upgrade your hygiene routine with this convenient and hygienic solution.

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Bidet Attachment for Toilet with Left Hand Control

Featuring Dual Nozzles for Comprehensive Cleansing: Say goodbye to struggling with inaccessible areas during cleansing with our toilet bidet attachment. Boasting 2 nozzles, simply select rear cleansing or feminine cleansing modes with the touch of a button. Enjoy a thorough clean from all angles every time you use it.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles: Our toilet bidet does the work for you, not only cleansing yourself but also maintaining cleanliness. Activate the nozzle cleaning mode, and witness the nozzles self-clean, retracting into the protective housing when not in use.

Customizable Water Pressure: Gentle on your skin, our toilet water sprayer allows you to adjust the pressure to your liking. Easily twist the knob to achieve your preferred level, whether it's a gentle mist or a robust jet stream.

Effortless Installation, No Professional Help Needed: Unlike other bidet attachments that require expensive installation, ours can be set up in just 15 minutes without the need for a plumber or electricity. Everything necessary for installation is included, and our freshwater bidet is compatible with most toilets.

Promotes Reduced Toilet Paper Usage: With millions of toilet paper rolls being used daily in America alone, adopting a more sustainable approach to hygiene is crucial. By installing our bidet toilet seat attachment, you can contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle while maintaining excellent hygiene.

How to Install Your Toilet Bidet?

The installation process for the Clear Rear Bidet is straightforward, requiring only 3 steps and approximately 15 minutes. Begin by removing the toilet seat, then place the bidet attachment directly onto the toilet and reattach the seat. Finally, connect the water supply. All necessary tools and parts, along with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, are included for your convenience.

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