Hot and Cold Water Bidet Attachment

Hot and Cold Water Bidet Attachment Manufacturer: Bidet Attachments with Metal Brass Valve, Taiwan Chimei ABS 757, Bubble Spray, Non-electric.

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Detail Information

Hot & Cold Water Intelligent Bidet

Product Description:
Item Name: Hot & Cold Water Intelligent Bidet
Model Number: B0044PW
Installation Type: Floor Mounted Bidet Attachment
Materials: Taiwan Chimei ABS 757
Nozzle: Double Nozzles with Nozzle Guard and Bubble Nozzle Spray

1. Bidet Attachment with Metal brass valve
2. Long ABS handle
3. Creative and attractive design
4. Fresh washing fit for women, old people, and disabled people
5. Dual nozzles with self-cleaning function
6. Adjustable water pressure by moving the handle
7. Save paper and water
8. Easy installation and convenient using
9. Non-electric
10. Double Nozzles with Guard
11. Eco-friendly, gentle, and comfortable Bubble Spray
12. Air-in technology, smart and special, water-saving
13. Smart design structure in the nozzle which exhausts the air when spraying
14. Suitable for women, children, and hemorrhoid-suffered people.

1. One Three-way Plastic T-adaptor
2. One 0.8m PU Tube with Plastic Nut for Supplying Cold Water and One 3m PU Hose for Hot Water
3. One Instruction Manual
4. One White Box or Color Box (Size: 48.0*9.5*21.0 CM)

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