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Elevate your bathroom experience with our state-of-the-art Heated Bidet Toilet Seat. Featuring adjustable temperature settings, convenient night light, and versatile multi-functionality, it's designed to enhance your comfort and convenience. With a one-button quick-release mechanism, maintenance is a breeze. Upgrade your bathroom with this innovative and luxurious addition today!

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Introducing the latest innovation in bathroom comfort - the Heated Bidet Toilet Seat. Say goodbye to chilly encounters with the toilet seat during cold weather, and embrace a new level of hygiene and convenience.


Warmth on Demand: Enjoy the luxury of a heated toilet seat with adjustable temperature settings. Choose from three modes - 36℃, 38℃, or 40℃ - ensuring a comfortable experience every time.

Night Light: Navigate your bathroom in the dark without disturbing your sleep or startling your family. The built-in night light provides subtle illumination for added safety and convenience.

Multi-Functionality: Experience ultimate cleanliness with adjustable water pressure for precise cleansing. The bidet function includes buttock and vagina cleaning, promoting personal hygiene and comfort.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Equipped with a one-button quick release mechanism, cleaning and maintenance are effortless. Simply press and lift for easy disassembly, making routine cleaning a breeze.

Premium Quality: Crafted with a copper inlet valve for superior durability and reliability, our bidet toilet seat ensures long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Enhanced Hygiene: Replace traditional toilet paper with the washing function for a more sanitary experience. Eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens, reducing the risk of infectious diseases.

Therapeutic Benefits: Choose from various flushing modes to stimulate blood circulation and alleviate discomfort. The gentle massage effect can help prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and other related ailments.

Year-Round Comfort: Experience the soothing warmth of a heated toilet seat, providing relief during cold weather and ensuring a cozy experience every time you visit the bathroom.

Upgrade your bathroom experience with the Heated Bidet Toilet Seat - combining comfort, hygiene, and convenience in one elegant solution.

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