Gentle Close Elongated Toilet Seat

Upgrade your bathroom experience with our Heated Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment. Featuring a Gentle-Close Lid and Shift Prevention, this attachment ensures seamless operation. With its Quick-release Function and Universal Fit, installation is a breeze. Enjoy the comfort of a Heated Seat and easily adjust settings with the Side Control Knob. Experience ultimate convenience and luxury with our advanced bidet attachment.

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Detail Information

Gentle Close Elongated Toilet Seat: The Lid closes quietly and gradually without any noisy slamming.

Shift Prevention: Grip-tight bumpers ensure the seat stays in place during use, enhancing stability.

Easy to Clean: Hinges with a quick-release function enable effortless removal for convenient cleaning.

Effortless Installation: Swift-attach hardware ensures a speedy and secure setup, complete with color-matched plastic hinges.

Universal Fit: Designed to accommodate most U-shaped toilets.

Swift-Attach Hardware for Rapid and Secure Installation

Quick-Release Hinges for Easy Cleaning

Heated Seat: Curved seat with adjustable heating for ultimate comfort and warmth. Users can personalize temperature settings for optimal coziness.

Quick Release: Streamlines installation and removal with a simple button press. Simplifies cleaning by enabling easy seat removal.

Side Control Knob: Handy side-panel knob for configuring cleansing preferences. No more misplaced or hard-to-reach remotes - everything is conveniently attached to the toilet seat.

Energy Efficient: Effortlessly conserves energy!

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