Heated Seat Electronic Bidet Toilet with Night Light

Experience the ultimate in comfort and cleanliness with our Heated Seat Electronic Bidet Toilet. Featuring multiple cleaning modes, a built-in LED lamp, and three temperature settings, this state-of-the-art bidet offers adjustable temperature and water pressure for a personalized experience like no other.

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Multiple cleaning modes available: buttock washing, feminine washing, and self-cleaning, easily switchable to accommodate various users including men, women, and children.

Built-in LED lamp ensures nighttime bathroom visits won't disturb your family.

Adjustable heated seat with three temperature settings (36°, 38°, 40°) provides comfort during cold winter days, making trips to the bathroom more inviting.
Model Number F001
Feature Children's Toilet Seats, Electronic Bidets, Slow-Close Toilet Seats
Style Modern Electric Toilet Cover
Function Seat Ring Heating Function
Logo Customized Acceptable
Keyword Smart Toilet Intelligent
Nozzle Dual Nozzles

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