Toddler Toilet Stool, Bowel Movement Helper Stool

Introducing our modern toilet stool, designed with a strong bearing capacity to accommodate toddlers and adults alike. Serving as a pooping aid, it provides relief for constipation, aids in bowel movements, and offers assistance for hemorrhoid relief. Upgrade your bathroom experience with this ergonomic and functional stool, promoting optimal posture for comfortable and efficient toilet use.

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Durable Toilet Stools , Anti-Slip Toilet Stool , Non-slip Toilet Stool

Detail Information

Scientifically Engineered and Ergonomic
Medical experts recommend a 35-degree angle for optimal toilet use, necessitating a tool to facilitate the ideal squatting position for smoother, healthier bowel movements.

Dual Non-slip Design
Featuring anti-slip grips on its feet and a textured surface for stability and comfort, this stool boasts a curved design compatible with most toilets. Additionally, it includes a replaceable spice box for maintaining freshness.

Exceptional Durability
Crafted from robust PP material, this squatting stool is odorless, non-toxic, and built to last for a remarkable 10 years, making it one of the most enduring options on the market.

Sturdy Weight Capacity
Thanks to its ergonomic construction, this toilet step stool offers enhanced stability and can support up to 200lb without budging even when subjected to random pressure.

The Squatting Toilet Stool facilitates quicker and more thorough elimination by aligning your body in a natural squatting position over your toilet. Utilizing this stool during bowel movements transitions your body from a continent to an elimination mode, expediting the process and reducing the risk of toxic fecal buildup in your colon. By minimizing straining, it aids in the prevention and healing of hemorrhoids, reduces pressure, and lowers the likelihood of bowel herniation and other lower digestive tract issues.

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