Cold Water Non-Electrical Bidet Attachment

Cold Water Non-Electrical Bidet Attachment Supplier: Cold Water Bidet Attachments with Black Acrylic Panel and Plastic Valve, Double Nozzles, ABS Plastic.

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Detail Information

Cold Water Non-Electrical Bidet Attachment

New design-Button Bidet, make your life a different experience.
Refreshing, hygienic, friendly to the environment and a great value for your money

Product Details
Non-Electric Bidet Attachment
Easy to Install & Detach
Black Acrylic panel
White color button
Double nozzles for front and rear washing with nozzle self-cleaning 
Cold Water Connection
Water pressure control by 360°
Reduce Toilet Paper Consumption
Plastic valve

Product Model: B0062B
Item Name: Cold-water bidet attachment
Color: White color body
Panel: Black Acrylic
Color of Button: Silver
Material: ABS plastic Bidet Attachment
One Plastic T-adaptor(Plastic can change to Metal)
One 0.8m Plastic Tube with plastic nut for cold water
One instruction book
One White Box or color box for choice

Special Design Of Non-Electrical Bidet

1. Nozzles with special design of Descending forward, avoiding bidet seat disturbing
2. Ultra-thin body of only 5mm thickness
3. Special panel for your choice, like PVC, brushed stainless steel, wooden, Black Acrylic 
4. The knob is an adjustment, convenient and flexible
5. Button control

Technical Drawing

Easy Control
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