Ceramic One-piece Toilet Bidet

Ceramic One-piece Toilet Bidet Provider: Smart One Piece Toilet Bidets, Dual-Flush, Siphon Flushing, Automatic Operation, Concealed Tank, Round, S-trap.

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Detail Information

Name: Luxury modern style sanitary ware, electric bidet, intelligent WC toilet
Mix. Pit Spacing: 305mm
Flushing Flowrate: 3.0-6.0L
Flushing Button Type: Upper-pressing One-part Form
Weight: 51-60KG
Accessories: Flush Pipe Component, Radiator
Material: Ceramic
Structure: One Piece
Feature: Automatic Operation, Concealed Tank, Dual-Flush, siphonic flush
Drainage Pattern: S-trap
Flushing Method: Siphon Flushing
Toilet Bowl Shape: Round
Product type: Smart one-piece toilet
Description: Smart toilet
Color: White
Characteristic: Bathroom ceramic toilet
Style: Modern
Usage: Home, Hotel, Restaurant
Size/mm: 680*410*530mm
Color: white, as the customer's request
Drainage Pattern: S-trap, 300/400mm roughing-in
Advantages: Heath ceramic smart toilet, Stabilization, Safety, Environment protection, Fashion, comfort
Function: The spray nozzle washing, Light, Dry, Spray/move, Massage, Seat Temp, Water Pressure Regulate
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