ABS Plastic Bidet with Wooden Dual Nozzle Attachment

Introducing our one-button quick-release bidet, featuring a non-electric wooden dual nozzle attachment compatible with most toilet seats. Its concave nozzle top ensures optimal functionality, providing a refreshing and hygienic cleansing experience. Upgrade your bathroom with this convenient and efficient bidet solution.

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Wooden Bidet Attachment with Dual Nozzles

Customizable Water Pressure – Adjust water pressure effortlessly with a simple knob rotation for personalized comfort. Facilitated by the button start design, transitioning between modes is intuitive, ensuring ease of use for elders and children alike.

Universal Compatibility – Featuring a concave nozzle top, this bidet attachment seamlessly integrates with most toilet seats. Its design ensures that the height of the toilet seat remains unchanged, as it is tailored for standard toilet seat rings with a downward curvature, allowing for unobstructed toilet seat placement.

Eco-Conscious Investment – Embrace cleanliness and sustainability with our bidet attachment, reducing the need for daily toilet paper consumption and thereby cutting down on monthly expenses. By opting for a bidet, not only do you enjoy a fresher experience, but you also contribute to a greener environment by conserving trees.

Effortless Installation – Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring a plumber or needing specialized tools. Our bidet attachment can be effortlessly installed within minutes, thanks to comprehensive instructions and included parts.

Installation Guide
Step 1:
Turn off the water supply valve on the wall and drain the toilet tank. Position the bidet on the toilet and align its adjustable plate holes with the toilet seat holes. Reattach the toilet seat securely.

Step 2:
Inspect all components and ensure that the T-Adapter includes the black rubber washer (positioned as illustrated).

Step 3:

Attach the T-Adapter to the toilet tank water inlet, hand-tightening securely.
Connect one end of the metal braided hose to the T-Adapter, ensuring a snug fit.
Connect the existing water supply flexible hose to the other end of the T-Adapter, tightening by hand.
Step 4:
Connect one end of the flexible braided hose to the bidet's water inlet, securing it by hand.
Turn on the water supply valve.
Inspect all connections for leaks.
Tighten any connections if leaks are detected until the leakage stops.

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