Ultra-thin High Adaptability Bidet Attachment

Discover the convenience of our uncharged bidet attachment featuring double nozzles, customizable color options, and easy installation. Crafted with a sleek diamond handle design, it offers both functionality and style to elevate your bathroom experience.

Bidet Attachments
Ultra-thin Bidet Attachment , Dual Nozzles Bidet Attachment

Detail Information

Highly adaptable bidet with an ultra-thin profile

Crafted with a sleek diamond handle design, this bidet attachment combines fashion and functionality without requiring electricity. Its slender yet sturdy build enhances bathroom aesthetics while providing essential hygiene functions, facilitating effortless cleaning.


Hygiene - Experience the refreshing cleanliness of water, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Relief from Constipation - Targeting deep cleansing of the anorectal area, promoting bowel movement and detoxification.

Women's Health - Offering convenient and timely cleaning of the lower body to prevent gynecological issues.

Hemorrhoid Care - Effectively removes residue, bacteria, and germs, reducing the risk of infections.

Elderly Care - Addresses the unique needs of the elderly, restoring their confidence and dignity.

Promoting Personal Health - Elevates bathroom hygiene standards, fostering a culture of defecation awareness and personal well-being.

Medical Benefits:

Water-based cleansing minimizes the risk of bacterial transmission compared to manual cleaning, providing therapeutic benefits such as massage and hydrotherapy, particularly beneficial for conditions like hemorrhoids, constipation, and female hygiene.

Hygienic Principles:
Unlike conventional paper-based cleaning methods, water-based cleansing is more environmentally friendly and sanitary, reducing bacterial growth. Basin washing is cumbersome and can lead to cross-contamination, whereas bidet usage conserves water and eliminates the need for electricity.

Composition and Usage:
Comprising the bidet product body, water supply pipe, specialized tee, mounting hardware, and instructions, this versatile design offers adjustable hole distances to accommodate various toilet types. Suitable for individuals of all ages and genders, the adjustable warm water feature ensures personalized comfort and effective cleaning.

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