Quick Disassembly Bidet Attachment

Upgrade your bathroom experience with our Quick Disassembly Bidet Attachment. Featuring a double nozzle design for enhanced cleanliness, this attachment offers quick installation and a slim, non-electric design. Conveniently two-in-one with a key knob for easy control. Elevate your hygiene routine effortlessly.

Bidet Attachments
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Achieve a luxurious aesthetic at an affordable price - our Clean basin accessory boasts a chic design and premium components that will revitalize your bathroom. Equipped with high-pressure faucet-quality valves, a metal/ceramic core, and a braided steel hose for durability, it elevates your bathroom experience.

Customizable Water Spray - Tailor your experience with the adjustable water pressure knob, offering a blend of comfort and convenience for the ultimate hygiene routine. Designed for ease of use, it's suitable for users of all ages, including seniors and children.

No Electricity Needed - Simply connect the water pipe and adjust the knob to generate water pressure, ensuring a hassle-free operation without the need for power.

Gentle Dual Nozzles, Ideal for Women - Featuring forward-facing twin nozzles, our bidet provides thorough cleansing for both front and rear areas. The dedicated women's nozzle offers extra cleanliness during menstruation and is particularly suitable for beginners and expectant mothers.

Effortless Installation - All necessary parts and tools are included for a seamless setup, allowing you to connect and disconnect effortlessly from any standard two-piece toilet.

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