Slimline Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment, ABS Plastic

Transform your bathroom experience with our ABS Plastic Streamlined Bidet Attachment featuring Dual Nozzles and a customizable handle color. Enjoy a refreshing spa-like experience with its self-cleansing function, elevating your daily routine to new levels of comfort and hygiene.

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Detail Information

Enjoy a Refreshing Spa Experience

Experience the ultimate cleanliness with our mechanical bidet attachment featuring dual nozzles for a thorough cleanse. Our self-cleansing function ensures optimal personal hygiene by retracting the nozzles after each use.

Customizable Water Pressure and Nozzle Position

Easily adjust the water pressure by rotating the knob from gentle to strong, and switch between front/feminine and posterior modes effortlessly.

Durable Construction and Innovative Design

Crafted with premium materials including a brass T-adapter, ceramic cores, and braided steel hose for longevity and reliability. The ultra-slim 0.23-inch design complements most toilets and prevents interference with the toilet seat cover.

Simple Installation

Install in minutes without the need for special tools, making it accessible for every adult.

Product Specifications:

Item Weight: 1.36 pounds
Package Dimensions: 17.01 x 7.09 x 3.78 inches
Size: Dual Nozzles
Color Options: Silver/Rose Gold
Material: ABS
Style: Posterior & Feminine
Pattern: Hand Control
Thickness: 0.19 inches
Special Features: Durable, Easy Installation, Frontal & Rear Wash, Brass T-adapter


Ultra-slim design and sturdy construction eliminate the need for extra toilet seat bumpers, facilitating easy installation within 10 minutes without the need for a plumber.
The 9° outward design prevents nozzle interference with the toilet wall, ensuring compatibility with most toilets.
User-friendly control knob allows individuals of all ages to adjust water pressure levels, ensuring a thorough cleaning.
Gentle water pressure for feminine hygiene provides a soft spa-like experience for sensitive areas.

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