Ultra-sleek Streamlined Bidet Attachment

Experience the ultimate in bathroom hygiene with our streamlined bidet attachment. Effortlessly disassemble with just one click for easy cleaning and maintenance. Featuring a convenient button spray controller and adjustable water pressure for personalized comfort. The integrated nozzle guard gate ensures hygiene and cleanliness with every use. Elevate your bathroom routine with our innovative bidet attachment.

Bidet Attachments
Slim Bidet Attachments , Adjustable Bidet Attachment

Detail Information

Button Spray Controller: Upgraded knobs to button design for simplified switching.

Water-pressure Adjustment: Easily regulate spray intensity with intuitive water pressure controls.

Ultra-sleek Profile: Boasting a mere 0.19 inches thickness, bid farewell to bulky toilet fixtures.

Nozzle Guard Gate: Concealed nozzles ensure double protection and optimum hygiene.

No need to summon a plumber. Installation is a breeze, completing in just 10 minutes.

Installation Guide

Step 1:

Turn off the water supply valve on the wall. Then, empty the toilet tank.
Position the bidet on the toilet and align its adjustable plate holes with those of the toilet seat. Securely screw the toilet seat back onto the toilet.

Step 2:

Inspect the unit, accessories, and their components. Confirm that the T-Adapter includes the black rubber washer (Ensure the black rubber washer is correctly placed on the T-Adapter adapter as depicted in the illustration).

Step 3:

Attach the T-Adapter to the toilet tank water inlet and hand-tighten.
Connect the opposite end of the metal braided hose to the T-Adapter and hand-tighten.
Attach the existing water supply flexible hose to the remaining end of the T-Adapter and hand-tighten.
Step 4:

Connect one end of the flexible braided hose to the bidet's water inlet and hand-tighten.
Open the water supply valve.
Inspect connections for any water leaks.
Tighten any leaking connections until the leaks cease.

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