Super-thin Self-cleaning Nozzle Bidet Attachment

We Provide Super-thin Self-cleaning Nozzle Bidet Attachments, Super-thin Self-cleaning Bidet Attachments with Self-cleaning Nozzles, Sleek and Slim, and Cold Water.

Bidet Attachments
Super-thin Bidet Attachments , Self-cleaning Bidet Attachments , Non-electric Bidet Attachments

Detail Information

Non-electric bidet attachment for toilet

1. No electric
2. Adjustable water pressure
3. Dual nozzle
4. Easy installs
5. High-Quality Parts Needed
6. Metal Bidet T adapter with On/Off (Faucet Quality Valve) and Braided Steel Hoses
7. All of our internal valves are made with 100% brass, instead of some random ceramic-ensuring long-lasting durability
8. Easy to Operate and Install
9. Extremely fast installation
10. Our knobs are made of Water transfer wood grain, easy to grip and turn to your preferred pressure
11. The angle adjuster lets you find your perfect angle for your hole-y place.
12. Sleek and Slim design
13. Slim enough to allow for inner hoses and structure, while not being too slim to compromise the durability or function of the bidet
14. Can be attached to most standard 2-piece toilets
15. Installed right between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl
16. Nozzle Guard Gate & Self-cleaning Retractable Nozzle
17. Environmentally Friendly and Warranty
18. Save money on toilet paper
19. Package includes 1 pack made of water transfer wood grain bidet attachment
20. Single or double nozzles 
21. Control knob design
22. Beautiful and stylish
23. Detailed user instructions
24. Self-cleaning Nozzle Bidets
25. Slim Zero Bidet
26. Single Handle Bidet Faucet
27. Super-thin
28. Cold Water Bidet
29. High-quality Bidet Attachment
30. Manual Bathroom Suite Bidet
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