Thick Reinforcement Anti-skid Toilet Stool

Discover durability and enhanced functionality with our Reinforced Toilet Stool. Engineered with easy-to-clean features and scientific ergonomic support, it ensures comfort and convenience. Upgrade your bathroom experience today!

Bidet Fittings
Anti-Slip Toilet Stool , Non-slip Toilet Stool , Reinforced Toilet Stool

Detail Information

Our premium reinforced toilet stools offer both durability and functionality. Featuring an easy-to-clean design and scientific ergonomic support for effortless defecation, our toilet stools with removable legs are a versatile addition to any bathroom.

Product Details
Introducing our latest toilet stool design, crafted for both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Designed to enhance the ease of defecation while elevating the overall comfort of your home environment.

Design Concept:
By optimizing the anorectal angle, our stool promotes smoother bowel movements. Traditional sitting positions maintain an angle of approximately 80 to 90 degrees, whereas our stool allows for a squatting position, achieving an angle of 100 to 110 degrees. This posture, coupled with increased abdominal pressure, facilitates efficient and comfortable defecation. Particularly beneficial for individuals with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions, squatting reduces the risk of accidents during bathroom use.

Featuring adjustable legs to accommodate users of varying heights, our toilet stool boasts a simple yet innovative design. Constructed from high-quality PP material with reinforced thickness, it ensures both durability and stability. Easy to clean and equipped with anti-skid features, safety is never compromised.

About Us:
As a leading manufacturer specializing in bidet attachments, bidet seats, and sprayers, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation and quality. Established in March 2015 in China, our factory spans 2,700 square meters, integrating research, development, production, and sales.

Driven by our core values of innovation, professionalism, and integrity, we have developed seven series comprising nearly 100 bidet attachment types, two series of bidet seats (elongated and round), and heated bidet seats. Additionally, to cater to diverse customer needs, we are expanding into the sprayer market.

Our ultra-thin designs set industry standards, addressing common drawbacks of existing bidet seats through innovative internal structures. With a focus on market trends and customer satisfaction, we aspire to continue leading the industry with our innovative products and exceptional service.

With your support, we look forward to a future filled with even greater achievements and success.

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