Brass T-Adapter with Shut Off Valve, 7/8 Inch

Upgrade your bathroom with our durable Brass T-Adapter featuring a convenient Shut Off Valve, designed for 7/8 Inch connections. Crafted with a robust brass body and equipped with a reliable ceramic cartridge, this Toilet Coupling Valve ensures both durability and resistance to rust, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

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Detail Information

Metal T-Adapter with Shut off Valve, 3-way Tee Connector, Featuring Chrome Finish

Dimensions: 7/8 Inch x 7/8 Inch x 1/2 Inch (The 7/8 Inch ballcock thread is equivalent to 15/16 Inch-14 UNS).
Compatibility: Works with our Bidets and handheld sprayers. Ideal for households with children (bidet can be securely "locked" to prevent accidental activation).
Sleek Design: Robust metal valve with polished chrome finish, Shut-off Valve enables precise water control, ensuring smooth and dependable operation.
Premium Material: Crafted from top-grade brass for exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and leak prevention.
Easy Installation: Includes rubber gaskets for effortless assembly and installation. Ensure water inlet diameter is 7/8 Inch and avoid excessive force.

Constructed from high-quality brass for durability and rust resistance, featuring efficient water control, this innovative T-Adapter valve is the perfect addition to your home.

T-Shaped Valve Specifications:
Color: Silver
Weight: 0.55lb
Material: Brass
Connection size: 7/8 Inch, 1/2 Inch

What's Included in the Package?
T-Shaped Valve x 1
Rubber Washer x 1

Installation Guide:
STEP 1: Shut off the water supply valve, then flush the toilet and hold down the handle to empty the tank completely.
STEP 2: Ensure there is a rubber washer inside the T-Valve water inlet.
STEP 3: Connect the toilet, T-Valve, and two hoses.
STEP 4: Turn on the water supply valve and inspect the hoses for any loose or leaking connections. Apply waterproof tape if necessary. If leak-free, installation is complete.

Helpful Tips:

Verify that your toilet tank's water inlet diameter is 7/8 Inch before installation.
Use the T-valve to adjust the water supply to a lower level to prevent high water pressure on the hose and sprayer.
Avoid over-tightening the connections to prevent damage.

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