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Experience the ultimate in hygiene with our Streamlined Bidet Attachment featuring a convenient Press Key. Its ultra-thin profile and slim design guarantee a seamless fit on all standard toilet seats. Upgrade your bathroom routine with this modern and compatible bidet attachment.

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Bidet attachment with press key

Streamlined Design: Our bidet attachment boasts an ultra-thin profile, making it compatible with virtually all standard toilet seats. The slim design ensures a seamless fit along the edges, eliminating concerns about unsightly gaps between the seats.

Dual-Nozzle Cleansing System: Prioritizing hygiene, our bidet attachment caters to both genders with two distinct nozzles—an anterior nozzle for women and a rear wash for general use. The female nozzle, crafted for a gentler experience, ensures optimal comfort. The user-friendly button switch simplifies operation, catering to individuals of all ages, including the elderly and children. A simple press activates a rejuvenating stream for a thorough cleanse.

Customizable Water Pressure: Tailor your cleansing experience with the built-in side knob, allowing you to adjust water volume effortlessly. Symbolic indicators guide you in selecting the desired water amount. This feature proves especially beneficial for pregnant women, the elderly, those with constipation, or individuals with varying body weights. Choose your preferred water pressure and enjoy a personalized cleansing experience for your entire family.

Effortless Installation: Our bidet attachment is designed for easy installation, taking only a few minutes to set up for permanent use. The self-cleaning feature not only ensures hygiene but also reduces the need for toilet paper, contributing to cost savings while promoting personal cleanliness.

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