Electric Manual Bidet Toilet Seat, U shape, Cold Water

We Provide Electric Manual Bidet Toilet Seats, Electric Manual Bidet Toilet Seats, Dual Nozzles, U Shape, Discreet & Rigid, Cold Water, Super Slim.

Bidet Seats
Electric Bidet Seats , Manual Bidet Seats , U-shape Bidet Seat

Detail Information

Dual Nozzle Manual Bidet Toilet Seat

1. Dual nozzle
2. Manual bidet toilet seat
3. Electric bidet toilet seat
4. U shape
5. Discreet & Rigid, Solid/Rigid seat lid
6. Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat
7. Cold Water 
8. LED Night Light
9. Super Slim Bidet Toilet Seat
10. Bidet Toilet Seat for Elderly
11. Installs Just Like a New Toilet Seat with the addition of the included water supply line and high quality T connector
12. No adapter plate needed and very simple to install
13. Slow Close Lid and Seat 
14. Easy to control Konb
15. Dual self cleaning nozzles for Front & Rear cleansing
16. A Clean Finish
17. Personalize your total bathroom experience
18. Luxury preferences include rear wash, front wash, water temperature adjustment, heated seat and night light
19. Enhance your hygiene and cut costs by minimizing the need for toilet paper
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