Single Nozzle Non-Electric Bidet Attachment

Upgrade your toilet experience effortlessly with our easy-to-install bidet attachment. Featuring a tailored control knob for easy adjustment, this innovative addition enhances your bathroom routine with convenience and comfort.

Bidet Attachments
Non-electric Bidet Attachments , Durable Bidet Attachment

Detail Information

Easy-to-Install Bidet Attachment: Single Nozzle, Non-Electric

Designed for convenience and comfort, this attachment is the best choice for enhancing your bathroom hygiene.


Single nozzle design
Non-electric operation
Effortless installation with included accessories
Tailored control knob for easy adjustment
Constructed with high-quality materials for durability

Included Accessories:

1x Bidet
1x Hose
1x T-adapter
1x User Manual

Color: White
Control knob color: Chrome
Weight: 0.8kg
Package includes: 1 bidet attachment
Promotes superior hygiene compared to toilet paper
Innovative design suitable for every household
Perfectly compatible with most toilet seats
Tailored Control Knob for Convenience:
Our bidet attachment features a tailored control knob that allows you to easily turn off the water spray. Adjust the nozzle angle and water pressure effortlessly to achieve your desired level of cleanliness and comfort. Say goodbye to traditional toilet paper and experience the ultimate in bathroom cleanliness and convenience.

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