ABS Plastic Non-Electric Toilet Bidet Attachment

Our ABS Plastic Non-electric Bidet Attachment for Toilets offers adjustable water pressure, dual nozzles, and easy installation. Experience customizable cleansing with this convenient addition to your bathroom. With its versatile features and straightforward setup, it's the perfect choice for enhancing your hygiene routine.

Bidet Attachments
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Detail Information

Crafted with high-quality materials, including a metal bidet T adapter with an On/Off faucet quality valve and braided steel hoses, ensuring durability and preventing leaks. Unlike ceramic valves, our internal valves are constructed with 100% brass for long-lasting performance.

Simple to operate and install, featuring fast installation and ergonomic water transfer wood grain knobs for easy pressure adjustment. The angle adjuster allows for personalized positioning. Its sleek and slim design accommodates inner hoses and maintains durability without compromising function. Compatible with most standard 2-piece toilets, it installs seamlessly between the seat and bowl.

Equipped with a nozzle guard gate for hygiene and a self-cleaning retractable nozzle that automatically retracts behind the guard gate after each use, ensuring cleanliness until the next use. Additionally, the bidet attachment promotes environmental sustainability by reducing the need for toilet paper and offers a warranty for customer satisfaction.

Package includes:

1 non-electric bidet attachment with water transfer wood grain finish
Single nozzles
Control knob design for easy operation
Elegant and stylish design
Comprehensive user instructions for hassle-free installation and use.

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